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Lithographic Printing

I made a new friend recently in Jonathan Shimony, more info a Boston native who has been in Paris for the last fifteen-ish years working on his art. He studied around the world, thumb resulting in an early Bachelor’s at … Continue reading

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Fashion Photography in Paris

The documentary project is underway as I follow a bunch of incredibly talented fashion photographers around Paris, pilule capturing them doing what they do best. There have been quite a few amazing shoots in just the first few days I … Continue reading

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Day 1: Landing in Paris

Well, viagra dosage after 16 hours of travel from Los Angeles, visit this I have settled into my home for the next two months. It’s a room in the 14th arr. (south part of zone 1) at the Cité Internationale … Continue reading

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À la lune!

With the intention of updating this “blog” more often, discount rx I realized the milestones provide a much more succinct reading experience for the seven people who read it. First, malady I suppose, is the personal: Big things are happening … Continue reading

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Kick it!

I’ve been unbelievably busy in post production on so many things. Here’s a fast update so you don’t think you were sent straight to my voicemail for naught 🙂 -Whispers Within did very well at the Santa Barbara Intl. Film … Continue reading

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Whispers Within Trailer!

In honor of gearing up for the festival circuit for our short film, viagra Whispers Within, malady I figured I’d post a short trailer here on the site. I’m not much of a suspense person, prostate but this one was … Continue reading

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I’m Still Alive

Part of the problem with times when more editing is being done than shooting is I have little to show for updates; this, misbirth however, sickness does not mean that life is any less hectic: -The fifth cut of the … Continue reading

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500 Pages

With nearly 500 pages of transcripts and a “paper cut, for sale ” a boat load of footage and three weeks set aside, I’ve officially started the cutting process on my first feature-length documentary. The film is a unique look … Continue reading

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Close-Up Toothpaste Commercials

The weekend was spent on a whirlwind shoot at DC Stages in downtown L.A. as DP and cam op for three spots in two days.  Directors Todd Killingsworth and Cooper Karl had a plan and made it happen. The AC … Continue reading

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A Day With Arri Alexa

With only a few days until the Alexa was scheduled to leave for Panavision, dentist I felt an urge to gather together some extra equipment and spend a day shooting with it as a “last hurrah.” If you had a … Continue reading

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