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Patagonia – 60 Miles of Leg-Wrecking Adventure

  In another shoot for my documentary series about unique artists around the world, thumb The Dying Art, web I blindly followed James Appleton, an extreme landscape photographer of legendary proportions, into the wilderness of South America. Eight flights and … Continue reading

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Two Weeks of England: Tough Guy and Matt Nolan

Another year, buy viagra another visit to the “Madman of the Midlands” for his annual winter Tough Guy event. RISE OF THE SUFFERFESTS is in it’s final year of production with the Executive Producer guidance of Echo Entertainment, food and … Continue reading

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On the way to the U.K. – Things to look forward to in 2015

I’ve found myself in the developmental end on various projects. ‘Keith Lancaster – Cinematographer / Editor’ is becoming ‘Keith Lancaster – Producer / Director / Cinematographer’ more quickly than I ever really planned for or thought about. This is the … Continue reading

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A New Year, A New Reel.

I’ve finally gotten motivated to track down as much footage from 2013 projects as possible and am pleased to announce a new cinematography reel. A massive thank you to Mr. Jarrod Taylor for providing me with some instrumentals to work … Continue reading

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Paris Film Round 2!

This is a longer post. There are pictures down below, pharm so there’s a reward in getting through it. Unless you cheat and just scroll down without reading anything… I suppose I can’t stop you from doing that. When Kevin … Continue reading

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2013 Updates

The feature in Paris, doctor a couple documentaries, audiologist music videos, page another trip abroad on the horizon… things are still going on, so here are the updates:   The Paris Feature: My oldest friend and owner of Cameo Content, … Continue reading

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A Sort of Love Note to My Paris Crew

This is partly an account of the amazing things that happened over the past three weeks, geriatrician but mostly a massive thank you to those who were involved:  On March 17th, hemophilia I booked a ticket with writer / actor … Continue reading

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A New Year, New Updates

Howdy! 2013 kicked off in a crazy way, unhealthy coming back into town for only three days in January before flying out to Manhattan to shoot out all of the NY scenes for the feature that I am currently DPing. … Continue reading

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The Last of Paris

This will be a quick post. The summer season in Paris brought a lot of opportunity and I’ll probably be back for some decent time in 2013, cough but I wanted to share the last of what I plan on … Continue reading

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Artist Promotions

One of the things I do on the side as much as possible is help out my friends; there is a soon-to-be released 10-song live DVD released for Happy Body Slow Brain, cure people I like very much, that I … Continue reading

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