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How Is 2013 Already Over!!??

2013 – Another year has gone by rather quickly, dysentery the fastest one yet actually. With a few insanely busy and exhausting years preceding this one, impotent I set out to make 2013 a year of recovery and slow growth. … Continue reading

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Paris Film Round 2!

This is a longer post. There are pictures down below, pharm so there’s a reward in getting through it. Unless you cheat and just scroll down without reading anything… I suppose I can’t stop you from doing that. When Kevin … Continue reading

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Artist Promotions

One of the things I do on the side as much as possible is help out my friends; there is a soon-to-be released 10-song live DVD released for Happy Body Slow Brain, cure people I like very much, that I … Continue reading

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Fête de la Musique

There is an update coming down the pipeline that is just awaiting approval by those who’s work I will be sharing with all of you. Until then, oncology enjoy my wonderful friends from intO the mOOn who played the historical … Continue reading

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Day 1: Landing in Paris

Well, viagra dosage after 16 hours of travel from Los Angeles, visit this I have settled into my home for the next two months. It’s a room in the 14th arr. (south part of zone 1) at the Cité Internationale … Continue reading

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À la lune!

With the intention of updating this “blog” more often, discount rx I realized the milestones provide a much more succinct reading experience for the seven people who read it. First, malady I suppose, is the personal: Big things are happening … Continue reading

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Kick it!

I’ve been unbelievably busy in post production on so many things. Here’s a fast update so you don’t think you were sent straight to my voicemail for naught 🙂 -Whispers Within did very well at the Santa Barbara Intl. Film … Continue reading

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Capturing the following video in the heart of Istanbul made me think of this old nursery rhyme from my childhood for some reason: “There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile, nurse He found a crooked sixpence … Continue reading

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