Benjo Portrait

Keith Lancaster began in 2004 as a freelance camera operator and editor for various independent productions in Nashville, order Tennessee. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2006, he’s been producing “branded web content” for various institutions and commercial clients and continues to shoot, edit and color an array of productions from narrative films to multi-cam live events. In 2012, he finished the production and post process (shooting, editing and color-timing) a feature length documentary bringing awareness to the causes, symptoms and effects of domestic violence in the United States; the production process took four years. Keith is currently working as either DP, Director, or Producer on two documentaries, a doc mini series, two narrative feature films and continues to create nationally-released music videos for emerging artists.


Current and Recent Projects (that can be publicly mentioned):

  • 2014 // ‘The World’ (Music Video) / Director, DP, Editor (Premiered on NPR Music)
  • 2014 // ‘The Dying Art’ (Documentary Series) / Creator, Director / Pre-Production
  • 2014 // ‘A Place Apart’ (Feature Film) / Pre-Production / Camera, 2nd Unit Director, Co-Producer
  • 2014 // ‘Rise of the Sufferfests’ (Feature Documentary) / In Production / DP, Co-Producer
  • 2013 // ‘Lost Angeles’ (Television Pilot) / In Post / DP
  • 2013 // ‘Love Don’t Go’ (Music Video) / Director, DP, Editor (Premiered on Paste.com)
  • 2013 // Paris Untitled (Feature Film) / In Post / DP, Co-Director
  • 2013 // ‘Objective: Change the World’ (Feature Documentary) / In Production / DP, Camera


A brief list of clients:

  • Mostly Human Entertainment (Iceland)
  • Battery Productions
  • City Room Creative (Jiro Dreams of Sushi)
  • Tender Loving Empire
  • The Planetary Society
  • Fubot Pictures
  • Til Lifestyle Marketing and Events
  • Los Angeles Music Academy
  • Cameo Content
  • Weapons Of Mass Entertainment
  • Spirit of Liberty Foundation (w/ Harrison Ford)
  • Tortoise and Finch Productions
  • The Wilcox Sessions
  • Magic Bullet Media
  • Weynand Training
  • Cirque School LA
  • Mofilm
  • CSM Words and Music