Communal Music: Around the U.S. In Three Weeks

I’ve directed four music videos for them, physiotherapist but this time, this The Family Crest¬†(or front man Liam McCormick to be more exact) was the subject of and episode of my documentary series of artists around the world, rx The Dying Art.

You see, Liam writes and arranges music of epic proportions. So much so that the last Family Crest album, Beneath the Brine,¬†credited something like 200 singers and musicians. For the next record, it’s going to be FIVE TIMES THAT.

Bassist / co-conspirator / engineer of the band John Seeterlin, Liam and I hit the road around the entire U.S. (stopping in 14 cities along the way) to record musicians of all background to lay the foundation for the new set of sons. We’re talking Juilliard grads and some of the best sax soloists in New York city to self-taught college players who just wanted to be part of something great.¬†Regardless of skill level and background, Liam is able to communicate in any player’s language and, on a few occasions, even wrote a new part for a song on the spot based on feedback he received.

The days were long and the nights were longer, recording and/or driving for an average of nearly 14 hours every day, but the trip was unforgettable. Highlights: singing with a barbershop quartet in Phoenix and picking up my very own Pentax 6×7 medium format film camera off the highway in New Jersey. Here are a few shots from the first rolls of the camera:


TFCRecording051 TFCRecording037 TFCRecording035


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