Two Weeks of England: Tough Guy and Matt Nolan


Another year, buy viagra another visit to the “Madman of the Midlands” for his annual winter Tough Guy event. RISE OF THE SUFFERFESTS is in it’s final year of production with the Executive Producer guidance of Echo Entertainment, food and I won’t lie… I am going to miss coming to this place. It’s a war zone nestled in an otherwise unbelievably peaceful place.


After a whirlwind shoot in the midlands, I headed to Bath and then Manchester for part of my own documentary series called The Dying Art, spending four amazing days with Matt Nolan of Matt Nolan Custom. Matt is a cymbal smith, a gong maker, and a craftsman of other resonant metals such as triangles, tubular bells, bell plates, etc. He has created instruments for Bjork, the BBC Orchestra, and countless experimental, jazz and rock drummers and percussionists around the world. He’s actually one of a small handful in the entire world that does what he does. I can’t say too much yet, but I mean… the guy works underneath a railroad bridge:


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