How Is 2013 Already Over!!??

2013 – Another year has gone by rather quickly, dysentery the fastest one yet actually. With a few insanely busy and exhausting years preceding this one, impotent I set out to make 2013 a year of recovery and slow growth. While my initial feeling is that I didn’t do very much and spent far too many days / weeks trotting around the country / globe and having fun, I took today – the last day of the year – to seriously look at what happened over the last 12 months and it turns out my feelings aren’t as accurate as they seemed:


-Wrapped up the first half of shooting ‘The Ghetto’ with Ice T.

-Pulled the trigger on producing, co-directing and DPing my own indie feature in Paris, France, where I spent a total of two months over two trips this year as a result.

-Became acquainted with childhood hero Bill Nye by shooting a documentary about his continued effort to change the world.

-Through Bill, became associated with the Planetary Society where I can now use my independent production skills to help the largest non-governmental space organization in the world get their message out. The missing link in life is always to be so passionate about something that you would do it regardless of compensation, and I found it.

-Helped lay the ground work and start shooting a documentary about the Obstacle Course Racing phenomenon… a project which single handedly got me to quit smoking and start running for the first time in my life.

-Shot a large handful of music videos for my great friends, The Family Crest, if for the only reason of helping them get their music out. They deserve far more great things than they are getting.

-Filmed an indie TV pilot for a new set of friends who were lucky enough to receive funding.


And those are just the highlights… on a non-professional level, I reconnected with friends from all over the world throughout my travels, made TONS of new ones in the craziest of places and got involved with various art and theater projects just for the sake of doing things good for the soul that have nothing to do with filmmaking. From Bill Nye, I got my first ever road bike and started riding, I set off on the road to becoming a better drummer, spent lots of time and money supporting all of my musician and artist friends both in the US and in France, oh and I watched something like 14 of the Studio Ghibli movies which, along with Carl Sagan, I attribute my view of how magical and special our world is and how awesome it is just to be alive and living in ‘the future’ as I call it.


Ultimately, the time I’ve spent with my brother, Clay, and my Paris co-director, Kevin, and all of the new friends I’ve made from my movie in France, the kind folks from The Commune Presents in Los Angeles, Rise of the Sufferfests up in the SF area, the Bill Nye documentary, and my current and old friends I’ve managed to stay in touch with has made this year an unbelievable success. I regret not a minute of it.


So, what about 2014? I’ll just give some bullet points for what the year has in store (that I know of).

-In January, my pending Fulbright grant application could set my life on a crazy course to shoot a global documentary series entirely produced and executed by myself and whatever lucky person I can convince to help me.

-The Paris film will be completed and the festival circuit will begin.

-Rise of the Sufferfests will be completed after much traveling around the US and England starting in January. It will be a whirlwind of creation… hell, it already is.

-If the Fulbright doesn’t happen, then I launch the first couple ‘Dying Art’ episodes as a self-funded enterprise.

-Lots more art projects both in and out of film, and possibly some music ones if I can get my chops up!

-HOPEFULLY see a rocket launch with the Planetary Society? Just putting it out there :)


Thanks for reading this far if you managed to get through it. I hope you all can reflect fondly on your use of time in 2013 and especially hope that you make 2014 a year of following your heart and doing the best you can.



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