2013 Updates

The feature in Paris, doctor a couple documentaries, audiologist music videos, page another trip abroad on the horizon… things are still going on, so here are the updates:


The Paris Feature:

My oldest friend and owner of Cameo Content, Sean Barney, has signed on as the full-time editor of the project, taking the task of editing this beast away from yours truly. Having co-produced, directed, shot, and assembled the thing, it is safe to say that I am too close to it to chop off the unsalvageable limbs and make the necessary changes to the story to make the film as successful as possible. His first big rough cut was great and Kevin and I are both incredibly excited to keep going; so excited, in fact, that we have re-written the ending, added another small storyline, and are heading BACK TO PARIS in four weeks to finish the film. Our original intention was to write, produce and shoot a film in one month, but the results were so much better than we were expecting that it just seemed stupid not to put in a little extra time to make it even better. I’ll be out there from Sept. 20th to Oct. 5th to relax in a city I feel very at home in, work on the film, and do some extra shooting with my good painter / sculptor friend, Jonathan Shimony whose studio doors are already are open for our arrival.



In July, I spent a long weekend in Seattle with Bill Nye (the science guy) for the 20th reunion of the launch of the show. I’m shooting the beginning stages of a documentary that is exploring his current efforts to make the world a better place in a project that is tentatively titled OBJECTIVE: CHANGE THE WORLD. Getting to know Bill, even buying one of his old Bianchi road bicycles from him, and hearing stories about our mutual hero (and his former professor), Carl Sagan, has been representative of the exact reason I got into filmmaking to begin with: To never stop traveling and never stop learning.


Rise of the Sufferfests:

I’m also helping shoot a documentary that is going to EXPLODE fairly soon about the booming obstacle course industry (Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, etc.). The first-time director is a long-time writer named Scott Keneally who recently discovered his own talents as an investigative journalist. Long story short, this film is going to cater to one of the most passionate groups of people in existence and Scott is the person to deliver something that people will love. He’s so good at providing a compelling story that even I found myself signing up for a Spartan race just days after our first round of shooting together. Great people involved in this one… see more here: https://www.facebook.com/sufferfests


Music Videos:

When Liam McCormick of The Family Crest called me and said, “Our label wants us to release our EP in two weeks. You think we can put something together?” I took it as a challenge. Two weeks later, we have two pretty fantastic one-shot Steadicam videos thanks to the help of my friend and Steadi-operator, Jose Babcock. We conceptualized the day we arrived based on a rough treatment I had drawn up a few days before and tackled both videos the following day. The first video, “Love Don’t Go” should be released very soon, and the second will be a surprise. Let’s just say it was my first time in front of the camera in a lead role and it’s not what you would expect to see of me (there’s a bar fight involved). I’m very happy with the results and can’t wait to share both of them, as well as some of the more production-intensive videos we are working on in the near future. Look these guys up, I’m serious. Their new EP, “The Headwinds” smashed into iTunes a few weeks ago and has been doing really well for them and their new label.


There’s more, always more, but I’ll leave it at that for now. Thanks for reading!


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