A New Year, New Updates


2013 kicked off in a crazy way, unhealthy coming back into town for only three days in January before flying out to Manhattan to shoot out all of the NY scenes for the feature that I am currently DPing. Shooting is now on hold until our couple weeks of completion, most likely in March, and will move onto post. There are a few well-known celebrities / actors involved which nearly makes the film a shoe-in for distribution to the markets that the directors are going for, so I’m excited to see where the journey leads.

Also in the new year, I finished post production on my latest short film with director Jesus Celaya and producer Christopher Nightingale. Set in 1950s mexico, it is a take on an Aztec folktale where a man takes his last dying walk to a graveyard in order to confess his love to a spirit and convince her to save him from his fate. The festival circuit begins very, very soon. Below are some stills:

Lastly, I’ll be taking delivery on a set of late 1970s Zeiss Superspeeds (commonly called “B Speeds” today for their original bayonet mount) for the RED. The model was used to film Taxi Driver back in the day and has some pretty awesome and unique characteristics. I’m looking forward to breaking them in (as if they weren’t already 30 years old) on a short film I’m shooting in February and the vintage first half of the feature scheduled for March! For now, I just need to focus on getting them back from the lens tech who is tuning them up for me…

More details to come as I am given the OK to post screen grabs and reveal information about certain other projects, including an exciting documentary series I’m finally in the middle of writing a treatment for.

Happy belated new year!

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