Lithographic Printing

I made a new friend recently in Jonathan Shimony, more info a Boston native who has been in Paris for the last fifteen-ish years working on his art. He studied around the world, thumb resulting in an early Bachelor’s at Harvard, melanoma a Master’s at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and installations and work / study grants in Japan, China and all through Europe.

His studio space here in Paris is exactly what I would want if I were to live here: He built on an entire loft apartment on his own to make it livable and the entire warehouse-esque space is filled with canvases from one to fifteen feet across. A back room is completely set up for lithography and other means of printing, doubles as a photography dark room, and serves as storage for countless old art history books and technical manuals hidden on bookshelves amongst all of the litho stones. The place has quite a bit of character and it’s all sweetened by the presence of Hermine (pronounced somewhat like “heir-mean”), the resident cat.

Here is the first of a series of videos I’m doing to help out the promotional efforts for his work. It covers lithographic printing and I didn’t even intend to make it; I just had so much B Roll sitting around from the main video I am working on that it seemed like a waste to not show the romantic side of such a great and dying process.

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