Fashion Photography in Paris

The documentary project is underway as I follow a bunch of incredibly talented fashion photographers around Paris, pilule capturing them doing what they do best. There have been quite a few amazing shoots in just the first few days I have been tagging along. Here’s a quick nod to two of them:

First, there Rj LaMendola took a model to the top of the Eiffel tower. Yes, the top. How he managed to get through security with a fairly large battery belt-driven strobe and a couple bags of wardrobe and gear, I will never know. The model was a great guy from Amsterdam who had no problem dealing with extreme wind, cold, or crowds of people staring at him as he did his work.


Most recently, I spent an afternoon with Benjo Arwas, Angelina Venturella and Sidney Kraemer where they were separately working on a diverse array of portrait and fashion photography. Benjo was working up in his small Paris apartment with an old 4×5 camera from the 1920s and came up with some amazing shots with a great young model from Poland. He had about four feet of space and explained how even that was a luxury compared to some of the shoots he had done in his home of Tel Aviv. The experience of setting a shot aside for three minutes before peeling it back to see if it is “the shot” is both exciting and fascinating.

With just under 7 weeks to go here, it feels like things are just getting started; this is probably because they are just getting started. Stay tuned for more updates as I spend time with more photographers and stumble upon other random things along the way.

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