À la lune!

With the intention of updating this “blog” more often, discount rx I realized the milestones provide a much more succinct reading experience for the seven people who read it.

First, malady I suppose, is the personal:

  1. Big things are happening these days! I’ll start with the personal:I moved to Silverlake from the valley. As someone told me in Hollywood the other day, “Congratulations! The jeans just got a LOT skinnier.” I pride myself on wearing pants that simply fit, this will not change. In the process of the move, I realized how hard it is to shut down a freelance operation for nearly a month (long story) and continue to make clients happy. I have a good friend to thank for keeping my reputation squeaky clean.

Now the professional:

  1. This very morning saw the debut of “You Look a Lot Like Me,” the 130-minute documentary edited and helped shoot. The rather intense subject matter of intimate partner violence isn’t easy to face, but the theater in West Hollywood was packed with supporters. Despite being such a political issue, not a single viewer complained about misrepresentation of their segment of the community… something we were not necessarily anticipating. It’s funny, though, that I must have spent 1,000 hours on this project and I STILL teared up a bit on multiple occasions.
  2. In lighter news, I shot the first half of a western web series with a director I haven’t worked with before. A trailer was put together out of some of the raw footage: CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!
  3. In news not quite as light as the western but not nearly as heavy as the documentary, I will be shooting a great and simple (I find those two to often exist concurrently) concept commercial that was given a grant by Mofilm – Cannes. I’m excited because when it was pitched to me, I couldn’t help but say “awwwwwe” and get a warm feeling inside. I’m sure you’d feel the same way if you read the treatment, but you get to wait until it’s finished. Too bad.
  4. Paris! Oui. Je vais à Paris pour l’été pour étudier la photographie! Mon français n’est pas bon, mais je veux apprendre a tout en France. While I’m there, I might be putting together a cool little stop-motion short film with a Parisian friend I met in Istanbul last year. Plenty of content to come with that.
  5. Lastly, the Happy Body Slow Brain live DVD is in the final stretch. The editing is done; I am just waiting on the final mix. It’s been an incredibly hard wait because I just want to show everyone I know how amazing these guys are. The whole “good things come to those who wait” mentality has done nothing for me. Nothing at all.

I’m cutting it off there… I’ll keep typing through the night if I don’t stop myself. It’s kind of like a mental inertia where it becomes easier to just keep going than it is to find a way to provide closure to the posting.

À bientôt.

Oh, and here is a picture of the “super moon” from last night:

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