Kick it!

I’ve been unbelievably busy in post production on so many things. Here’s a fast update so you don’t think you were sent straight to my voicemail for naught :)

-Whispers Within did very well at the Santa Barbara Intl. Film Fest and won an award at a previous festival in Oregon. After the notify date arrives for the Nashville Intl., viagra buy we are putting it to rest for good. It had a good run.

-The new film, Bar Tales, was shot just a week after my return from Istanbul and is now complete. It’s way more audience friendly and has been very well-reviewed. It begins the long festival circuit within a couple months and features the same core crew (Producer, Director, DP, Music Producer) as Whispers.

-You Look A Lot Like Me, the feature doc promoting the awareness of Domestic Abuse / Intimate Partner Violence, had a successful campaign on Kickstarter and is within a month of completion. The director, Chloé McFeters, has already begun the festival submissions and is seeking various educational distribution outlets! It’s going to be great to get that into the world finally.

-Most recently, I Produced, Directed, DPed and Edited a ten-song live performance for Happy Body Slow Brain as a first act of the New Year. The post production process is nearly complete and the performances are unbelievable. I uploaded a little outtake below to show you how awesome these guys are:

Kick It! from Keith Lancaster on Vimeo.
More later! There are a handful of fun projects in the works that have yet to receive the green light!


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