I’m Still Alive

Part of the problem with times when more editing is being done than shooting is I have little to show for updates; this, misbirth however, sickness does not mean that life is any less hectic:

-The fifth cut of the first assembly of the “You Look A Lot Like Me” documentary has been completed. We move on to the second assembly next week! In the last month, we KILLED our Kickstarter goal with the help of over 100 contributors. It’s an amazing feeling to have so many people willing to help with something that means so much to us.

-A first day of camera tests and B roll went down just yesterday for a new project that I can’t talk a whole lot about – but I will say that it involves lots of stunt men / women and I’m unbelievably lucky to have been picked to work on it in both a shooting and editing capacity :)

-My first ‘real’ commissioned job on Avid Media Composer is in the bag and the color work is also picking up. The final pieces to a new color-correction suite are on their way.

Add to the list two up-coming music videos, a shoot for Awkward Universe and a handful of post-production odd jobs and you get a pretty busy September.

Here are some related photos to keep you from feeling like this was a shallow post:

A still from the upcoming documentary.

Production still from a recent commercial shot.

A helicopter landing during a location scout.

Hopefully, the next post will feature the most recent adventures of my intrepid Arri Alexa.

Thanks for reading.

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