The La Jolla Indian Reservation

Before heading to NAB 2011, grip I drove down into San Diego County to spend two days on the La Jolla Indian Reservation to capture a big domestic violence awareness event / walk that they were hosting. I had no idea what to expect as camera crews aren’t often allowed to do this kind of thing, viagra but this turned out to be an eye-opening experience that I definitely wasn’t expecting, to say the least.

After sitting down and talking with the entire community, citizens and national figureheads alike, it became clear how much sense of community still exists in places like these. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such compassion among neighbors in my life; ┬áthe entire native community operates like one big extended family down to the way they raise their children.

The combination of culture shock and amazing views of untouched landscapes made for a fantastic final weekend of shooting. After today, production on the film is pretty much finished and moving on to post. I can only imagine how the director feels, having been in production across the country for nearly four years.



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